At the Danish expo NutriFair Washpower celebrated the sale of number 1.000 sold washing robots. A proud moment for Washpower that now has transformed the washing process of 1.000 pig barns in only 6 years! Making it easier, more efficient and far more joyful working with cleaning amongst pigs, that if done manually would be a hard job. Number 1.000 was sold to Asger Krogsgaard Sohold and on the picture our Danish sales representive Morten Gramstrup is gratulating Asgers two sons with the win. For us at Washpower new goals is set, and we will continue our journey towards new challenges and keep improving the washing amongst pigs and poultry.

Delivery of number 1.000 at Asger Krogsgaard Sohold farm

In may washing robot number 1.000 was delivered at its new home on the farm Asger Krogsgaard Sohold. Morten Gramstrup from sales delivered the robot, and this is Asger Krogsgaards robot number 4 on his farms, so almost needless to say that they of course are very happy with our robots. The farm invested in their first robot about 4 years ago. The farm and its employees really appreciate the robots and what they bring to their daily work! It was Asger from the farm (Not to be confused with the owner Asger himself) that received the robot and we asked him about his honest opinion, and he said that for him, the robot just made the washing of the pig barns so much more efficient and enjoyable, opposed to a manual wash that in comparison is a very hard and dirty job! Asgers words fit very well with what we hear from other people in the field of cleaning at farms, that it just increases the joy of working and makes it far less cumbersome, and with the robot it is so easy afterwards to finish the job in a almost clean pig barn.