Introducing The ProCleaner XB50

Washing Robot designed and made in Denmark

Do you want to increase the overall hygiene in your farm systems, while reducing the risk of introducing infectious deceases between your herds? With the ProCleaner XB50 from Washpower this can be done with the introduction of a automatic washing solution to help keeping the farm systems clean between herds. With the ProCleaner XB50 we have taken the best from our ProCleaner X100 model, and created a model with an even greater focus on easy maintainance, ease of use and built into an even simpler construction than the ProCleaner X100.

The ProCleaner XB50 has been build such that your own people can handle the maintenance. Thus not needing any visits from people outside the farm invironment and thereby minimizing the potential risk of infections. The XB50 is based upon the knowledge and feedback from more than 700 automatic washing solution around the world in more than 25 countries, and designed and build, especially for the Chinese market.

Up and running with the XB50

Maintenance without service from outside staff

The basic philosophy behind the XB50 has been to focus on creating a washing solution, that does not require service from outside staff. Everything can be maintained by your own people once they have received a simple instruction, or followed the video instructions that can be accessed from a QR code. With a 4 wheel construction and sidewheels running beside the fixtures the ProCleaner XB50 is steered sideways moving down the pig systems and the
ultrasonic sensor in front stops the machine when it reaches a wall.
The ProCleaner XB50 is programmed to run several different types of washing programs, depending on how the housing system is to be cleaned. The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system with a standard high-pressure hose and only requires a water volume of min. 25 ltr. Pr. minute. Our specially developed nozzles ensure that the water molecules are bound together, so that the water jet reaches all the way to 5-6 meters while still maintaining a great result.

ProCleaner X100