Washing solutions

for agriculture and industry

Washpower develops and produces effective, flexible and reliable products for professional cleaning.

Washing robots

Washing robots for pig houses

Poultry washing robot

Powerful washing robot for poultry houses

Vacuum pump for handling fish

Designed to gently handling the fish

Chemical trolley

Proffesional and easy Cleaning Equipment

ProCleaner X100

Powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot

To call the ProCleaner X100 the ultimate washing robot is no stretch.
The ProCleaner X100 has been developed and tested over many years, and has shown its value to both the farmer and the employees who use the robot across the world.

The X100 is described by customers as “an efficient and reliable help in everyday life.”

Our customers says

Power washer gets the job done

In early 2020 Peter Geene from Amberley, Ontario was looking for help with pressure washing his barn.

Agerbo Agro

At the pig farm Agerbo Agro they save both time and cost by using a washing robot

The Progressive Group

“In the past, we did get a custom wash crew in, but that is neither cost-effective nor in line with our high standards for biosecurity‚Äú

Danish Salmon

Fish pump from Washpower pumps salmon with great flexibility and adds big savings at Danish Salmon