Robotic Power Washing

For automating washing at swine farms

Washpower develops reliable and efficient robotic power washers for agriculture and industry. Since 2016 we have delivered more than 1,200 wash robots, that makes everyday life easier for farmers around the world. Our primary product is a wash robot for farrowing and finishing barns that saves manhours and increases happiness at work.

ProCleaner XS100
Washing Robots for Farrowing Barns

ProCleaner XB100
Washing Robots for Finishing Barns

What do our customers say

Murphy Farm

Murphy saw the benefits of robotic power washing and now owns more than 30 washing units.


Pipestone looks to Washpower and Danish farmers to automate power washing in this article and video.

This’ll Do Farm

Watch and listen to Tork and Sawyers thoughts about the XB100 washing one of their finishing barns.

The Progressive Group

“In the past, we did get a custom wash crew in, but that is neither cost-effective nor in line with our high standards for biosecurity“

Power washer gets the job done

In early 2020 Peter Geene from Amberley, Ontario was looking for help with pressure washing his barn.