Gentle vaccum pump handling of fish

BlueComfort is our vacuum-based pump, designed to gently handling of the fish. In addition to the beautiful design, the machinecuts down on manual labor and operates almost maintenance-free.

  • Easy to handle
    The pump is easy to handle and offers the possibility to store hoses on the machine. All you have to do is to connect electricity to BlueComfort, and the pump is ready for use.
  • Easy to adjust and move
    With robust transport wheels and adjustable support legs, it is quick and easy to set up the pump and move it from basin to basin.
  • Gentle pumping
    Compared to many similar products on the market, BlueComfort has been developed with the aim of handling the fish as gently as possible. The large suction funnel with attached rubber protection and custom-made couplings helps ensuring a gentle suction process.
  • Built-in separator box
    Before sorting the fish, all water is separated and led back into the basin.
  • Constant pumping
    The tiltable containers ensure a constant pumping completely without electronics. The pump is simple in its design and without any unnecessary

Technical specifications

Capacity : 0-16 t/hour
Fish size : 0-5000 g
Suction height : 5000 mm
Container/inlets : 2 pcs. 150 L / 190×190 mm
Suction hose : Ø 152 x 6000 mm – Ø 200 x 6000 mm
Fish outlet : Ø 230 mm
Return water outlet : Ø 200 mm
Water separator : 0,6 m2
Grill distance : 8 mm
Engine : 4 kw 3×380 v
Wheel w/ ball bearings : 3 pcs. 16×650-8
3 supporting legs : 450 mm
Height Fish outlet : 900 mm – 1500 mm
Total height : 2300 mm
Total width : 1550 mm
Total length : 3600 mm
Weight : 650 kg