Automated washing for US hog barns

For increased productivity and better working environment

1400 farmers already enjoy this technology

We get it – new technology can raise questions. But the ProCleaner X100 is simple to use and adapts seamlessly to most barn layouts. Need reassurance? Over 1400 farmers worldwide have embraced this washing solution, swearing by its efficiency. They wouldn’t live without it, and neither should you.


Jake Stenzel in a finisher barn testing

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Jake is our US Sales Representative and is happy to hear more about your washing needs and share solutions to aid you in your processes.

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Murphy Farm

Murphy saw the benefits of robotic power washing and now owns more than 30 washing units.


Pipestone looks to Washpower and Danish farmers to automate power washing in this article and video.

This’ll Do Farm

Watch and listen to Tork and Sawyers thoughts about the XB100 washing one of their finishing barns.

The Progressive Group

“In the past, we did get a custom wash crew in, but that is neither cost-effective nor in line with our high standards for biosecurity“

Power washer gets the job done

In early 2020 Peter Geene from Amberley, Ontario was looking for help with pressure washing his barn.

Washing illustrated

Power washing illustrated, at a finisher barn in the Midwest of United States with the Washpower washing robot XB100.