Automated washing for your pig barn

For increased productivity and better working environment

This video was produced from an actual demonstration in Denmark, where our Danish expert Morten visited a pig farm to showcase the capabilities of the robot.

Many questions can arise when implementing new technology, but the robot is very simple to use and will do a fantastic job of cleaning in most barn layouts. After all, more than 1200 farmers have already implemented this washing solution world wide and would not live without it this day.

Questions about the robot could be:

  • How good an job does the robot actually do?
  • How easy is the robot to use?
  • Is it even possible for it to run in my type of barn layout?

Dealers in Manitoba and Ontario

Questions that are best answered by us having a conversation one to one, and considerations can be discussed. Here in Canada we have skilled dealers in both Manitoba and Ontario and they are always ready to help answering the questions you may have about our robots?

How to start the process:

  • Fill out the form below with your details
  • The closest dealer will then contact you for further dialogue
  • Depending on your specific inquiry/details, an action plan is put together and if feasible in terms of location etc., a demonstration will be arranged

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Lets start with a talk

Paul is our Canadian distributor in Canada and has worked with farming for many years and gained a lot of experience in implementing washing solutions in Canada.

Please fill out the form or if you prefer, then call Paul directly on this phone number:

Tel: +1 226 973 7305