ProCleaner X100 demonstration at your pig farm

Experience the X100 washing robot in your own stable for free!

It may sound abstract and technical, getting a robot to wash down your pensystem. But our X100 washing robot has been developed on the principle, that you as the owner must be able to operate it, just as well as the employees at Washpower who assembled it.

That is why, we across the world. have had great success in offering a free demonstration at the farms . Either by ourselves at Washpower, or by one of our international partners.

With a free demonstration you get to see with your own eyes how easy our robot is to operate – and you get a free wash as well. Do you want to get in contact with us regarding a demonstration you can call our Chief Sales Officer Lars Thejl.

Alternatively just fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions regarding our X100 washing robot, or do you prefer to book a demonstration through the phone:

Lars Thejl
(+45) 9272 1011