Flexible crate washers that take most types of crate and have a low water consumption.
Specially developed crate washers with the option of individual adjustment.
Effective washing with a small number of mobile nozzles that do not require a large high-pressure pump.

WashPower – Crate washers

Our first crate washer was delivered in 2013 and has been running ever since without any problem. The smart thing about our wash principle is that you do not have to cope with so many nozzles at once, so a high-pressure pump is not required. Instead, the nozzles are constantly moved with the result that water consumption is minimal.

The wash system from WashPower functions in such a way that the arm turns around and, externally, the crate is synchronised with the wash arm that goes up into the crate. This way, the nozzles are washing towards one another thus creating minimal impact on the crate which is kept stable throughout the wash process. The entire wash system elevates itself to the internal wash arm at the top of the crate and back down again, after which the arm is parked in the wash column so that there is unobstructed passage.

Easy and problem-free operation


The machine’s control system is designed in such a way that if there is a fully washed crate outside the machine, there is a photocell that can see it and the machine will wait until it is removed.

The machine restarts itself once the truck has removed the clean crate and feeds a new crate in.

The controls are constructed with a PLC system and with frequency transformers. On the front of the control box there are two speed options for the internal and external wash arm, and you can select the speed at which the wash column is to move up and down.

The crate is placed on a conveyor belt by a truck. Next, it places it in the machine, which opens when the crate is fed into it.
Once it is in position in the machine it is raised approximately 20 cm in order for the lowermost side to be washed.
When the crate comes out of the machine after the wash, it is disinfected. The system is constructed in such a way that a disinfecting agent can be added to the dosing equipment so that the three nozzles spray the crate on its way out of the machine.
The crates are pushed forward by a strong plastic chain with stainless steel rivets.

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