The hoof cleaner saves time in comparison with the manual washing of floors and hooves.
Cleaner hooves and cleaner milking parlours.
Happier cows mean increased milk production.

WashPower – Hoof cleaner

WashPower has developed a new system that helps make the work of the individual farmer easier when the milking parlour floor and the cows hooves’ need cleaned during the milking process. What’s new is that the hoof cleaner can now be installed directly in the milking parlour. Once the cows are in the milking stall ready to be milked, their hooves are cleaned by a water jet. It sprays water for a variable number of seconds and helps soften and loosen the filth on the cows’ hooves. The hooves are washed again before the cow is finished being milked.

Cleaner hooves mean that the health and well-being of the cows is improved, thus increasing the production of milk – all to the benefit of the animal and the farmer. The hoof cleaner has been developed for all types of milking robots and can be used in either herringbone or parallel stalls. However, we also have installed the system in rotary parlours and in existing segregation gates. The new system is simple and easy to install, thus reducing costs significantly in relation to the benefits derived from using the system.  With this new innovation, WashPower has enhanced the work of the individual farmer considerably and, at the same time, improved the well-being of the cows in the stall.

WashPower has installed hoof cleaners in several hundred milking robots,

and has subsequently developed hoof cleaners for installation in milking parlours.


The first milking lands on a clean floor.

Steam reduces the number of flies so that the cow is not bitten during the milking process causing it to kick the machine off.

Adjustable system so that the flushing down time and interval can be set as required and according to the desired water consumption.

The cow is disturbed as little as possible as the hooves are cleaned during milking.

The system can normally be connected to the existing hose pump system. If not, a new one can be installed easily and quickly.

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