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ProCleaner P200

Powerful and solid washing robot for use in, for example, poultry houses


ProCleaner P200 is revolutionary when it comes to washing down, for example, poultry houses. For the first time ever, there is now a powerful, solid wash robot on the market that can ease the tough manual cleaning work. The washing robot focuses on the washing down of ceilings, end walls and walls.

The dynamic, alternating cleaning angle ensures that it can get around blockages and obstructions, and the in-built buffer tank ensures an optimal wash flow.

ProCleaner 200 has been designed as a “clip-on” construction that is swivelled out, after which the wash robot automatically washes walls and ceilings and, by means of a specially developed hose reel, returns itself to its resting position.

ProCleaner P200 is constructed in tough galvanized, stainless-steel, and its powerful framed featuring solid wheels is designed for tough cleaning work.



12 metre water jet

With the specially developed nozzle, ProCleaner 200 can wash all the way out to a distance of 12 metres and at 360 degrees so that ceilings, end walls and walls, not to mention the floor, can be cleaned.

Hose length 130 metres

With a hose length of up to 130 metres, ProCleaner 200 can be used, for example, in extended poultry houses.

Speed regulation and dynamic wash angle

The speed setting and wash angles ensure that ProCleaner 200 can be programmed for the most effective washing down of ceilings, walls and end walls in every single livestock house.

Touchscreen for easy setting

The in-built touchscreen makes ProCleaner 200 easy to use and set so that it is suitable for most open house types.

Buffer tank and automatic hose coiling.

The in-built 400 litre buffer tank ensures optimal flow, and the automatic hose coiling means that you do not need to look at your wash robot until it has finished doing all the hard work.

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