ProCleaner is designed to be particularly service friendly, which is why everything on the machine is easily accessible.


ProCleaner is a powerful wash robot with enough power for even the largest pig houses. In addition, it is extremely reliable.


If you have a variety of different pig houses or varying needs, ProCleaner can be set and programmed according to these.

ProCleaner X100

We are proud to call ProCleaner X100 the ultimate washing robot. ProCleaner X100 was developed and tested over a period of 5 years, and is described by our  customers as being “… an efficient and reliable help in our everyday work.”

ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot for cleaning the vast majority of pig house.

The machine is simple in it’s construction, but functions as an effective and high-tech washing robot that can handle even the largest of jobs.

Technical specifications
Product name ProCleaner X100
Dimensions (LxBxH) cm. 115×67,5×145
Weight 285 kg.
Power supply 230 V
Required amperage 6 amp.
Water consumption min. 30 l/m
Maximum water pressure 200 bar
Operating pressure 140 bar (40 ltr. water/minute)
Compressor External
Washing time for 30 meters of pig house, 5 mtr. sty depth on both sides = 3 – 4 hours



ProCleaner X100 is built on 4 wheels and is 67,5 cm wide and 115 cm in length. The washing robot is controlled sideways by the adjustable sidewheel, which runs up the side of fixtures and ensures a straight and correct direction. The machine has an ultrasound sensor, which ensures that the machine stops when it reaches an end wall.

ProCleaner X100 can be programmed to run both a soaking programme and several different types of washes. The machine is connected via the existing high pressure system, using standard high pressure hoses and requires a water volume of minimum 30 liters per minute.

Special developed nozzles ensure that the water molecules are bound together so that the water jet keeps highly effective, even at a distance of 5-6 meters.

What do our customers say?

For us it makes really good sense to invest in the Washpower washing robot.
The time we spend washing down the pig houses is drastically reduced and the work environment is enhanced.
There is no doubt that we are all delighted to avoid the filthiest part of the cleaning work. We leave that to the robot now. At the same time, it is extremely reliable. In the year since we got the robot it has run without any problems.

Peter Hjort Jensen

Grenaa, Denmark

Our employees don’t forget to make the Washpower machine wash all the gross stuff down. That’s for sure! 
The work environment has definitely been enhanced and employee satisfaction has followed suit.
Despite everything, it is simply more fun to finish off the wash.
We also have experience of another type of washing robot and when we compare them, we can definitely recommend Washpower.
It washes more quickly, uses less water, is more reliable and is very easy to use.

Rasmus Müller

Maglegaard, Roskilde, Denmark

Washpower pays for itself many times, in the time it saves.
We have reduced our washing time by 75% when we wash our pig houses with 66 pens.
At the same time, we have noticed that the water consumption has not increased by using the Washpower washing robot.
Our employees were a bit sceptical at the beginning about getting the Washpower washing robot.
That scepticism quickly disappeared.
In our experience, it is extremely reliable, easy to use and our work environment has improved greatly.
In fact, we are so satisfied with the Washpower washing robot that we have bought a second one for our slaughter pig production unit.

Palle Valsted Eriksen

Landbruget Sofiesminde, Aalestrup, Denmark


Easy storage

When the washing robot is not running, the side arms are easily stored in the brackets on the side of the robot, so that they do not take up any more space than is necessary


A specially-developed hose reel with a combi-hose (water in one side and power (230v) in the other) is automatically rolled out when the robot is in progress. When the robot runs backwards, the hose is reeled in by means of a lever and a hose on an automatic winding device ensures that the hose is rolled up neatly.


Get notified when there are stoppages

Should the machine stop unexpectedly, it can be configured to send you a text message.

Powerful nozzles

ProCleaner X100 is equipped with 2 special powerful nozzles, constructed to form the water into a powerful jetstream with an extensive span.

Easy to maintain

The wash robot requires a minimum of maintenance, and when you need to clean it, it is designed in such a way that it all parts are easily reached. ProCleaner X100 can be opened at both ends, and the electrics unit can be tilted outwards so that you can easily get to the centre of the machine.

Multi-function power point

The power point on the side has 3 functions:
1. It de-pressurises the machine when it is disconnected.
2. It can be used as an extension hose for the high pressure cleaner.
3. It can be used to back-rinse the high pressure filter on the wash robot.

Electronic controls

ProCleaner X100 is easily programmed and started from the digital terminal.
The various settings can be saved and loaded next time the wash robot is used.

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