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BoxCleaner X300

Effective cleaning of industrial boxes and improvement of the working environment


BoxCleaner X300 has been developed with the objective of eliminating the tough manual cleaning of industrial boxes. The daily manual cleaning work is laborious and takes a hard toll on the body. Therefore, we are now offering automation of the cleaning process that complies with regulations – without hitting your finances.

Washpower BoxCleaner is based on a specially developed cleaning system that doesn’t depend on the number of nozzles you have working at the same time. It minimises the requirement for the high-pressure pump and saves on power. The nozzles are moved around the boxes, ensuring that water consumption is kept to a minimum. If cleaning boxes is part of your production flow, we guarantee that BoxCleaner X300 from Washpower will be an indispensable help. The machine makes sure that you save both time and resources and ensurs a better working environment into the bargain.

Technical specifications


Product name : BoxCleaner X300
Box size : 500 – 1100 ltr.
Power supply : 400 V / 16 A
Water consumption : 26 ltr./min.
Water pressure : 100 – 180 bar
Material : Galvanized / Stainless
Washing capacity : 20 – 40 pcs./hour




Versatile wash boxes

Washpower BoxCleaner X300 cleans most types of plastic box used in the industry. The box cleaner has been tested in all sorts of scenarios – in the fur industry, the fishing industry, waste management and potato boxes.

Easy operation

The machine’s control programme ensures an even box cleaning process and prevents the risk of the boxes building up in the machine. As soon as the clean box is removed, that machine starts itself up again and guides a new box in. The wash programme ensures an even washing flow and the washing process is automated to that when a new box is added, the clean box moves out automatically.

The machine does all the work

The cleaning machine is constructed in such a way that the dirty boxes are placed on a belt by a fork-lift truck. Next, the wash zone screens open automatically, and the next box is guided in for cleaning. Next, the box is raised so that the edges can be cleaned.

Solid materials

The BoxCleaner – including the strong plastic chain, featuring stainless-steel rivets to guide the boxes through the machine – is solidly constructed of high-quality materials, ensuring stable operation and a long service life.



Hot water and soap

For particularly tough cleaning jobs, it will be possible to add both hot water and/or soap.

Effective and flexible trailer solution

If your cleaning needs are split over several locations, the trailer solution may be ideal for you. Depending on your needs, the trailer can be fitted with an in-built high-pressure pump and compressor.

Roof disinfection

It is possible to disinfect the boxes after they have been washed. Disinfection is carried out by means of the existing nozzles on the cleaning arm. In addition, it is possible to add extraction of the disinfection fumes as an optional extra.

Special adaptation

We also offer special adaptations. For example, with regard to the size and lengths of the input and output belts, or we can leave out the input and output belts completely.

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