We have developed a lightweight rail system for open pig house environments. The length of the track system is limitless but comes in lengths of 3 metres.


In pig house systems with numereous vertical obstacles close to the walkway, the extra narrow version is the obvious solution for extra flexibility. The arms can be extended using the extension arms in pig houses where there are no obstacles.


Where sty depths or pig house types vary a lot, the extension arms of 50 cm or 100 cm can be a great help when it comes to reaching into the sties, thus achieving even better wash results.

Larger hose

For farms with a great need for extra quick washing, it is possible to choose the robot with a ½” hose. This allows it to perform the main wash with both nozzles at once. This solution requires a large pump capacity.


Special model in which advanced technology and ease of use take it to a new level.

An optional addition that can make all the difference.

We have specially developed the XT100 for use in pig house systems with floor extraction where the ventilation shaft is situated inside the pig house or in pig houses with load-bearing posts.

The XT100 is packed with advanced industrial technology. This includes a special Linak actuator for the rotating arm function.

With the XT100 it is possible to reach into the sties with the wash nozzle, even when there are horizontal obstacles inside the pig house, thus achieving the best wash result.

Contact your local dealer for more information on the options for using the ProCleaner XT100.

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