At Washpower we work determinedly on developing professional cleaning products. Our focus is on improving the work environment for our customers and minimising the time spent cleaning.

From our base in the Northern Jutland of Denmark we house a strong team of dedicated employees who develop, supply and service cleaning machines for both Danish and International markets.

Our products

The common denominator in all our products is that they are based on the customer’s everyday work. We strive to develop strong and reliable cleaning machines that can improve the customer’s finances through increased flexibility and time saved on cleaning, so that employees are free to work on other things.

After 5 years of developing and testing our washing robot, the ProCleaner X100 was introduced to the market and is already proving to be a success.

The benefits of Washpower

In-house developing department

All our products are developed, tested and approved in-house at our location in Denmark 

Service minded

We service all Washpower machines ourselves and focus on providing quick and efficient service to all our customers


High quality

All our products are designed to be simple, reliable and service friendly

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