X100 – Washing robot for pig houses. 

Your new powerful, flexible and reliable mechanical colleague

The ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexiable and reliable robot for cleaning pig houses.

The machine is simple in its construction, but still remains an efficient and high-tech robot, able to withstand the tough work environment.

It might sound technical to get a robot to wash your housing units down, but the X100 robot is developed upon the idea, that you as the owner must be able to operate it just as well as our own employees.

We’re offering a demonstration at your own farm, to prove to you how simple the robot is to operate and setup, and how well it handle the tasks.

ProCleaner X100

ProCleaner P200 

Powerful and solid washing robot for poultry houses.

For the first time ever, there is now a powerful and solid washing robot on the market, made especially for the modern poultry farmer.

The P200 washing robot focuses on washing down ceiling, side walls and end-walls as well. With a dynamic and alternating cleaning angle the P200 gets around sloping beams and other obstructions.

With a built-in buffer tank of 400 liters an optimal wash flow is ensured from start to Finnish. The P200 is constructed in an innovative trailer design. What this means is that the cleaning unit of the P200 is dragged from the buffer tank to end of the poultry house, and automatically is pulled back towards the buffer tank during the cleaning process.

With the intuitive software interface, the P200 can easily be programmed to automatically begin the cleaning process during the night, without any human interaction needed other than placing the cleaning unit at the end of the poultry house.

ProCleaner P200

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