Sirius Compact

Compact high-pressure cleaner with emphasis on size and ergonomics

The advantage of our Sirius Compact high-pressure cleaner lies in its size and ergonomics. The compact size makes it easy to get around the high-pressure cleaner. It is also ergonomic with the trolley-inspired balance point that ensures optimal weight distribution.

Special benefits of Sirius Compact:

  • Lightweight and compact model
  • Ergonomic design
  • Setting the run time of between 0-9 seconds to avoid unnecessary start / stop on the engine.
  • Scheme that helps with compliance with regular service.


Unique service system extends service life

Our high-pressure cleaners must be easy to maintain, which is why we have developed a unique service system that ensures maximum durability and minimal costs for any repairs. The user-friendly service schedule helps with quick troubleshooting and maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner.

Compact modelsĀ 

Model Pressure Flow Current PowerĀ  Voltage
CM160/25 160 25 16,8 A 7,5 kw 400 v
CM180/21 180 21 16,8 A 7,5 KW 400 V
CM190/15 190 15 12,6 A 5,5 KW 400 V
CM100/06 100 6 7 A 1,1 KW 230 V


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High-pressure cleaner, with emphasis on functionality, ease of use and durability. Our high pressure cleaners must be easy to use and maintain. That is why we have developed a unique service system in order to increase reliability and minimize the cost of repairing our Alpha + and Compact models.


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