Sirius Vario

Stationary pump cabinet that allows several diffenrent pumps. 

Our stationary pump cabinet allows you to combine several different pumps and have numerous cleaning processes in progress at the same time. For example, our washing robot can clean the pig house while the manual cleaning is in progress elsewhere in the production facility.
Sirius Vario can supply up to 144 liters/minute and is thus the perfect solution where demands are larger.

Special benefits of Sirius Vario

  • Selective pump option and variable control of pumps, depending on flow requirements.
  • A Setting function of maximum running time to anywhere between 0-9 hours, so that the pump stops automatically if a Washpower washing robot is connected.
  • Unique servicing system and built-in timer for maximum durability.
  • Our Water Protection System secures minimum water wastage in the event of a leakage. It can be set to operate between 0-9 hours.
  • PLC control system adapted to flow requirements during operation. It also monitors the pumps and alerts when they require servicing. The monitoring ensures uniform operation of the pumps, which enables them to be serviced at the same time
  • Our Vario model starts when a flow is detected.
  • The pumps are particularly easy to access via the screens on the front and on the side.

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Sirius Vario

Stationært pumpeskab der giver mulighed for flere simultane vaskeprocesser. Vores stationære pumpeskab giver mulighed for at sammensætte forskellige pumper og have flere vaskeprocesser i gang på én gang. For eksempel kan vores vaskerobot rengøre stalde, mens der vaskes manuelt andre steder i produktionen.