New Norwegian dealer to bring washing robots into the Norwegian stables

ProCleaner X100 and P2oo on their way to the Norwegian stables

At Washpower, we are pleased to welcome our new dealer and partner in Norway, Fjøsvask, which is owned by Tor Line. Our sales consultant, Mogens Vestergaard, has established a collaboration with our new dealer, who will help us reach the Norwegian stables.

“Entering the Norwegian market is something we are very happy about. It is a relatively untouched, but very interesting market that Washpower is entering,” says Mogens enthusiastically.

The establishment of the collaboration between Washpower and Fjøsvask has happened very quickly. The first correspondence took place back in November 2020, and in mid-February 2021, the first robots were sent to Stavanger.
Tor has a lot of experience in energy and electronics, which is the basis for his interest in washing robots. 

Automation of industrial robots in Norway is popular

Automation of industrial robots in Norway is popular
Compared to Denmark, our Norwegian brothers do not have quite as many pigs. It is with other motivations that Fjøsvask and Washpower make our business relevant at the Norwegian farms.

Tor, who lives around Stavanger daily, says that Norway has a special focus on working conditions in Norwegian agriculture.
Washing stables manually is physically hard work that affects the health in the long run. Automated industrial robots thus become very relevant when Norwegians talk about a good working environment. He sees great potential in Washpower’s washing robots, which both reduce the physical hard work, the risk of infection and the time spent cleaning.
ProCleaner X100 and P200 are of high quality, which speaks to the Norwegians’ interest in automated industrial robots, the importance of hygiene, reduction of risk of infection – generally improving the working environment.

The first encounter with washing robots – almost

There have previously been washing robots on the Norwegian market, but the quality of them was far from good enough.
“The challenge will be to “gain back the trust”, as there are probably still some who think back on the robot as a bad experience.
“However, it does not worry me, as the washing robots ProCleaner X100 and P200 have proven that they are of high quality! ” says Tor.

The first robots have already been in action at demos, and at the time of writing this article, Tor is preparing for two more. The interest in washing robots is gradually growing.

For the time being, the business meetings in 2021 must take place digitally

Back in Glyngøre, Mogens is also satisfied “Tor is a bit of a scoop. We are probably just as happy for him as vice versa ”
The start-up has been influenced by Covid-19, which has made it not yet possible for Mogens to visit Tor
“It’s a shame not being able to visit one’s partner, but these are the premises right now. We are regularly in contact and support with our dealers, and Tor is no exception. We invest a lot in our collaborations because we want a good and long-lasting kind ”

Tor is not worried either “They are good at helping over the phone and email. It is reassuring that I can call them if there is any problem. I think we have a good collaboration”

We look forward to seeing what the future holds with our new dealer.


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