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ProCleaner P200 – Washing solution for broiler houses

Optimise the hard job of washing at the broiler farm with an automatic washing solution from Washpower

To ensure a uniform washing result of ceilings, gables and walls has been a challenge for the poultry industry for many years. Manual Washing and cleaning is hard work and often the results ends up not being uniform and the washing process is often done multiple times from end to end. This due to hard physical work that the manual labour of cleaning broiler houses is. Furthermore the washing process is often performed in a extremly dusty environment which can cause respiratory problems during the washing process.

With the introduction of the ProCleaner P200, there is now an automated washing solution for the poultry industry that removes up to 50% of the hard manual physical labour of cleaning broiler houses, and ensures a uniform and specialized final wash and can be timed exactly when it suits the production cycle, day and night or even weekends, the ProCleaner P200 stands ready to clean.

The P200 focuses especially on cleaning ceilings, gables and walls as it is often those places that time spend cleaning broiler houses manually is spend.

With the introduction of the ProCleaner P200, the modern broiler producers can now both ensure better working environment and high biosecurity through specialized cleaning of the broiler houses – an more optimized production flow of broiler chickens.


39 feet water jet

With the specially developed nozzle, the ProCleaner 200 can wash to distance of 39 feet from the nozzle, and at a 360 degree angle, so that the ceilings, walls are ready for the final wash.

Hose length 426 feet

With a hose length of up to 426 feet, ProCleaner 200 can be used in extended poultry houses.

Speed regulation and dynamic wash angle

The speed setting and wash angles, ensures that the P200 can be programmed for the most effective wash of the ceilings and walls  in every single livestock house.

Touchscreen for easy setting

The built-in touchscreen makes the ProCleaner 200 easy to use and program for both end user and farm management.

Buffer tank and automatic hose coiling.

The built-in 105 gallon buffer tank, ensures optimal flow and with the automatic hose coiling,  you do not need to keep an eye on your wash robot while it cleans the poulty house.

Real world examples of cleaning poultry houses

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Semi-automatic workflow

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