XB100 – Washing robot for finishing barns

Your new powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable mechanical colleague for washing swine houses

ProCleaner XB100 is based on the success of the ProCleaner XS100. It has the same sturdy built-quality and high efficiency. However, the ProCleaner XB100 can now be used at finishing sites due to a much longer 300’ hose that is automatically rolled out and reeled in minimizing setup time.

To fit the longer hose, the robot has been fitted with a battery pack. The batteries last for up to 24 hours ensuring the robot can handle even the largest wash jobs.

ProCleaner XB100 comes with 9’ long arms that reach far in to the pens. With the longer arms we can wash finishing sites that are up to 50’ wide.

We are happy that we finally can offer automated washing to even the largest finishing sites!


Download flyer XB100
Download flyer with dimensions
Pressure washing robot for long hog finishing barns

See it in action

Power washing illustrated, at a finisher barn in the Midwest of United States with the Washpower washing robot XB100.

Watch the XB100 in action at one of our customers at a US farm, here doing a good job cleaning a finishing barn.

We did a demonstration at This’ll Do Farm, run by father and son Tork and Sawyer in Southeast Iowa. Watch and listen to their thoughts about the XB100 washing one of their finishing barns.

Watch this product video, that illustrates all the functionalities and capabilities of washing with our robots.

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