TankCleaner T100

Automatic cleaning of silos, tanks and other industrial containers

The TankCleaner T100 is a newly developed washing unit that can be used in many industrial tank applications for efficient and smart cleaning, thus improving the work environment by removing strenuous hard work and at the same time improve on the overall wash quality, efficiency and water consumption.

The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system and requires a water volume of minimum 25 liters per minute.

Smart features

Programmable washing patterns

Illustrated how the washing pattern is adapted to specific applications and can be programmed to focus on those areas that is most dirty and needs washing the most. This pattern can be be adjusted both in terms of density and speed.
Great for optimising time spend/efficiency, but also from in a economic sense in water and power usage.

Covering every angle

With multiple variables to tweak, such as position, speed and rotation degree, it is possible with the right knowledge of application, to create a program for most efficient washing results.

Both optimized in terms of cleanliness and energy use.

Industrial cleaning applications

T100 has endless application possibilities and can be used for various types of tanks, where TankCleaner T100 will be useful. By utilizing the various adjustable parameters, T100 can be customized to almost any application, enabling both efficient and water-saving cleaning.

TankCleaner explained


Product Name TankCleaner T100
Dimension housing HxBxD 305 x 470 x 320 mm
Arm lenght Min. 465 mm – Customisable
Opening diameter Min. 120 mm
Weight 40 Kilo + arm(Variable lenght)
Power supply 230 V
Amperage 3 amp
Water consumption Up to 150 l/m
Max. water pressure 200 bar
High pressure pump External
Max. water temperature 60˚ C

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