Poultry washer at Happy Turkey in Austria

In the start of june Mogens Vestergaard from sales went to Happy Turkey, our new customer in Austria, to deliver the P200 washing robot for his new turkey farm. In the future, it is going to make life a little bit easier when it is time for washing after each new breed of fresh turkey.

It is the first turkey farm we delivered to, normally it is chicken, but of course the P200 washer works just as fine for turkey farms, since the setup is the same.

A bit of history about our P200 washing robot. After the big success with the X100 unit for pig farms, it was decided back in 2020 to develop the P200 for poultry houses, and the principles are the same with a few tweaks. The benefits of using the P200 is to make it easier for the farmers to clean their poultry houses and work more efficient, since the P200 can be programmed to work both day and night, so it’s all about working a bit smarter with modern technology. The scale and complexity of poultry house is a bit different than pig barns and we claim it takes about 30-50% of the washing time, plus making washing far more enjoyable!

At Washpower we look forward following the results and see a big potential in the market for washing amongst poultry, whether its chicken or turkey.