Washing robots and solutions for agriculture

About Washpower – Make cleaning easy

Washpower is a Danish company placed in mid-western Denmark. The company was founded by Jakob Soendergaard and Glenn Pedersen back in 2016. What used to be a hobby has now become a healthy business with 40 employees, a wide range of products, and dealers and customers in 25 countries. Despite the fast growth, we still have a big passion for developing washing solutions in robot technology and have a high standard of quality in our products.


Committed employees with a focus on quality

At Washpower see our company as a strong and trustworthy player in the washing-technology market, where both management and employees experience that they are part of something important every day.

Our skilled employees are driven by innovation and ingenuity with a focus on creating the best solutions for both partners and end-user. We are ambitious on behalf of ourselves and our partners. Washpower wants to be known for developing the market’s best washing products and prove why automatic washing systems are the future within the industry.

High-tech washing solutions for agriculture are produced in Denmark

For several years, Washpower has developed user-friendly, robust, and technical solutions in uncompromising quality. We focus on ensuring a healthier working environment, great hygiene, and better economy in customers’ operations. With solid materials and a well-thought-out design, Washpower offers uncomplicated washing solutions with the features and technology that the market demands.
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Why buy a Washpower washing robot for the farm?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a washing robot before, it may seem unnecessary. However, the washing robot is designed specifically to make the daily operation of the stable easier. The early prototypes were drawn based on the feedback and inquiry the farmers have given us over time. Our existing contact with agriculture has provided experience and an understanding of agriculture and the farmer’s work. Therefore, our innovation and designs have been developed to solve one of agriculture’s most resource-demanding tasks.

The benefits of Washpower washing robot

  • Our ProCleaner X100 and P200 take up 80% of the dirty work and thus a significant part of the manual work involved in washing down pig houses and chicken houses.
  • Our robot can be programmed to run whenever there is a need for it.
  • Our software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Our robot reduces physical exertion. The load on the body is reduced as you avoid hard and repetitive movements. In addition to this, you avoid inhaling the toxic fumes in the stables.
  • The time saved by having a washing robot running can be applied to other things in your daily operation. 


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Did you know?

From one small village to another

Washpower used to be placed in Bedsted Thy in Denmark but due to growth and increasing interest, we decided to move to Glyngøre.

    Not the last and definitely not the least

    It’s not the first time a washing robot has entered the agriculture market. But do no get fooled by the young age and size of our company. 
    We thrive to be the best provider of washing robots nationally and internationally. We are working on becoming better every day. 

    Get a washing robot for your poultry houses

    The P200 is the latest member of our range, which was introduced in January 2020. As the name reveals, it’s now possible to get a robot from Washpower that cleans the poultry houses. You can expect good quality as the other washing robots.
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    Continuous development

    We want to be in the frontline, when it comes to development in the market. We collaborate with university students and scientists who contribute with new knowledge and inputs. Vice versa we contribute with inside knowledge and ideas to their studies and research.  

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    Washpower’s values

    At Washpower, we have three values, which are the cornerstones of the way we work and evolve our business.

    A strong and ambitious team

    Our skilled employees are driven by innovation and ingenuity and with a focus on creating the best solutions for both partners and end-users.

    Trustworthiness as a high priority

    We think service into our entire production. User-friendliness is thought into our design. The materials are chosen with care and the technical manuals and instructions for use are easy to access. Our employees are trained in providing the best service for our customers.

    An inclusive company

    Washpower’s daily work is based on the value of inclusiveness. We support the people who do not have a straight path into the labor market. Inclusiveness is also a key value in the collaboration with our dealers, customers, and end-users. Every day we work on creating good relationships that are carried by trust and mutual respect.


    Washpower’s mission:

    Washpower develops and offers washing solutions for agriculture and industry. We have a focus on reducing the hard and strenuous manual washing. We work with the philosophy “Make cleaning easy.”

    Washpower’s Vision:

    Worldwide, Washpower wants to be agriculture’s preferable provider of washing solutions for stables while we continue the development of the company with a focus on ensuring employee satisfaction, sustainability, and profitability.