Washing robot for poultry houses

ProCleaner P200

Powerful and solid washing robot for poultry houses

The ProCleaner P200 is a revolution when it comes to washing down chicken houses. We have constructed a powerful and solid washing robot for the market that can reduce much of the hard manual washing work that cleaning a chicken house usually demands.
Our washing robot focuses especially on washing down ceilings, gables, and walls, as we know that these places often are the most time-consuming and physically hardest to clean.
The dynamic and changing washing angle ensures that the robot gets around rafters and other obstacles. In addition to this, the built-in buffer tank ensures an optimal washing flow throughout the washing process.
The ProCleaner P200 is built as a trailer construction that is extended, after which the washing robot automatically washes walls and ceilings via a specially developed hose roller. The robot then drives itself into place. ProCleaner P200 is built with strong galvanized and stainless steel. The robust frame with solid wheels is specially designed for the hard work of washing poultry houses.


12-meter water jet

The ProCleaner 200 has a specially developed nozzle that provides you with a water jet from a distance of up 12 meters. With the 360 degrees angle on the nozzle, you can wash the ceilings and walls too. 

Hose length 130 metres

With a hose length of up to 130 meters, ProCleaner 200 can be used in extended poultry houses.

Speed regulation and dynamic wash angle

The speed setting and wash angles, ensures that the P200 can be programmed for the most effective wash of the ceilings and walls in every single poultry houses.

Touchscreen for easy setting

The built-in touchscreen makes the ProCleaner 200 easy to use and program for both end-user and farm management.

Buffer tank and automatic hose coiling.

The built-in 400 liters buffer tank, ensures optimal flow With the automatic hose coiling,  you do not even need to keep an eye on your robot while it cleans the poultry house.

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