Washing robot for cleaning at pig farms

Washing robot for efficient cleaning at pig farms

Making cleaning more enjoyable at over 1.500 farms around the globe

We call the ProCleaner X100 the ultimate washing robot. ProCleaner X100 has been developed and tested rigorously over several years and sold in more than 1.500 numbers worlwide. It is described by our customers as “…an effective and reliable help in the everyday operations at the farms.” ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot for cleaning the vast majority of pig houses. 

ProCleaner X100 is built on 4 wheels and measures 67.5 cm wide and 115 cm in length. The washing robot is controlled sideways by adjustable side wheels, which runs up the side of the fixtures and ensures that the robot keeps going in the right direction.

The machine is build with ultrasound sensors which ensure that the machine automatically stops when it reaches the end wall.

ProCleaner X100 can be programmed to run both a soaking programme and several different types of washes. The machine is connected via the existing high-pressure system, using standard high-pressure hoses and requires a minimum water volume of 30 litres per minute.

Specially developed nozzles ensure that the water molecules are bound together so that the water jet remains highly effective, even at a distance of 5-6 metres.

Learn how the X100 cleans both easy and efficiently!

Product video

Watch how simple it is to clean with automatic washing solution from Washpower

Agerbo Agro

At the pig farm Agerbo Agro they save both time and cost by using a washing robot

Fårtoft Genetic

Efficient washing, better results and gives the employees the extra time to get it cleaned properly everytime

Technical specifications

Powerful nozzles

ProCleaner X is equipped with 2 specially developed, powerful nozzles, which are designed to form the water into a powerful water jet with an extensive reach.

PLC control system with touchscreen

ProCleaner X is easily programmed and started from the colour screen using the Touch function. The user interface is constructed intuitively for easy programming and daily use. The terminal originates from the shipping industry and ensures high quality.

Mobile and easy storrage

When the washing robot is not being used, it can be easily moved by means of the accompanying trolley. When the washing robot is not being used, the side arms can be stored easily in the brackets on the side of the robot so that they do not take up any more space than is necessary.

Specially developed hose reel

A specially developed hose reel with a combi-hose (water in one side and power (230v) in the other) is automatically rolled out when the robot is in progress. When the robot is run backwards, the hose is reeled in using a lever and a hose on an automatic winding device ensures that the hose is rolled up neatly.

Multi-function power point

On the side of the washing robot there is a multi-function power point with three functions:

  • De-pressurises the washing robot when it is disconnected.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the extension hose for the high-pressure cleaner.
  • Can be used to back-wash the high-pressure filter on the washing robot.

Additional options 

Product name ProCleaner X100 / ProCleaner XB100 / ProCleaner XT100
Dimensions (LxBxH) 110 x 67,5* x 160 cm
Weight 285 kg
Power supply 230V**
Ampere needs 6 amp**
Water consumption Min. 25 ltr./min
Max. water pressure 200 bar
Operating pressure 140 bar
High Pressure Pump External
Washing time for a 30 mtr. stable, 5 mtr. path depth in both sides = 3-4 hours

* 59 cm with special wheels
** XB100 = Battery operated

Other models

ProCleaner XT100

Special model where advanced technology and simple operation reaches new heights. ProCleaner XT100 is a further development of our ProCleaner X100. Still the same uncompromising build quality and level of service, but in a specially developed version for use where the ventilation shaft is placed inside the stable, or in stables with few load-bearing posts.

The XT100 is packed with advanced industrial technology, including special turning function for the washing arms, this makes it possible to reach the paths with the washing nozzle, even though there are vertical obstacles in the stable.

ProCleaner XB100

Battery-operated washing robot

ProCleaner XB100 is a further development of our ProCleaner X100. The same sturdy build quaility same level of service but in a version that can be used for larger and longer pig houses due to fact taht the XB100 model runs on a battery instead of the connection to 220 volts used by the X100.

This allows the use of a single hose instead of the previous twin hose. On the same hose reel, the XB100 can now offer a hose up to 100 metres in length, as opposed to the 55 metres offered by the X100. When fully charged, the batteries can provide approximately 10-14 hours’ operation.