It all started as “Jakobs Smedie”

“Jacob’s smedie” made general repairs for the local farmers in Thy. This was the start of a long development process, which in 2013 led to the introduction of the first ProCleaner X100. After a somewhat quiet start-up, Jakob and Glenn founded the company Washpower in 2016. Since then, sales of the washing robot have gained momentum and today our washing robots are running on more than 25 countries arround the world.

High-tech washing solutions for agriculture and industry are produced in Denmark.

For a number of years, Washpower has developed a user-friendly, robust and technical solutions in uncompromising quality. We focus on ensuring a healthier working environment, improving the level of hygiene and better economy in customers’ operations.

With solid materials and a well-thought-out design, Washpower offers uncomplicated washing solutions with the features and technologies that the market demands.

Committed employees and focus on quality.

We see ourselves as a strong and credible player within the professional cleaning industry.  At Washpower both management and employees every day experience that they are part of something important.

Our skilled employees are driven by innovation and ingenuity with a focus on creating the best solutions for both partners and end customers.

We are ambitious on behalf of our employees and partners. Washpower clearly develops the best washing solutions on the market, to show why automatic washing solutions are here to stay.