Robotic power washer gets the job done reliably and efficiently – every time

Murphy Farm power washing with washing robot

In early 2020 Peter Geene from Amberley, Ontario was looking for help with pressure washing his barn. As he said, “It is nobody’s favorite job”, so they needed to find a long-term solution. After a thorough search of available solutions, they decided to go with a robotic power washer from Washpower.

Peter contacted Paul de Rond, Washpowers trusted Canadian dealer, who agreed to demo the unit. Peter said: “We demonstrated the ProCleaner X100 and one other solution, but decided to go with the ProCleaner X100 due to its simplicity and efficiency. When we tested the unit, it was clear it would get the job done”. Reliability was an important factor for Peter, as they wanted a solution that could be trusted to get the washing done – every time.

Peter has two locations with several barns and decided to get a trailer made to move the unit from site to site to get the maximum use out of the unit. The trailer is made so the floor is aligned with the height of their loading docks. This makes moving and setting up the unit convenient and easy. In the trailer he keeps a 10 GPM pressure washer that feeds water to the unit. They kept their excisting pressure washer in the barn, which is used for soaping, disinfecting and final touch ups.

 Peter’s finishing barns have 1,000 head spaces per room, that used to take him 10 manhours to wash manually. The wash robot does it in 8 hours. The robot is fully automated and runs without supervision, which frees up valuable time. Not having to worry about washing gives Peter time to focus on other chores, and on what is most important – caring for the animals. After the wash robot has done its wash cycle, they inspect the results and do final touch ups to make the wash result perfect. Having a reliable solution to clean their barns and getting a consistent wash has improved their production economy and happiness at work.

Following the success of the wash robot in his finishing barns, Peter’s brother Geert, who oversees the sows, bought another unit. This time they wanted to bring automated washing to their farrowing rooms. At their 2,200 head sow farm, washing saves time on the busy weaning days.

Maintenance has been minimum, and Peter just had his unit serviced by Washpower in Ontario. The unit had been running for more than 1,400 hours in two years. A testament to how integral the machine has been in keeping their barns clean. Peter says: “So far, we have had very few issues and recently our dealer did a 1,000 hour/70 point checkup which went well. The unit is now ready for another 1,000 hours of reliable washing”.

Washpower is proud to have Peter as a customer and we are happy that, yet another farmer has decided to automate strenuous power washing.

Peter Geene, Amberley Pork & Grain
Wean to Finish operation in Amberley Ontario

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