Washing robot improves the work environment and efficiency at Thorben Agger’s farm in Denmark

As a full-line pig producer, Thorben Agger and his team in Lemvig spent a considerable amount of time on washing tasks in their various pig barns, which was not only a tedious job but also physically demanding, in an environment filled with discomforts. So, approximately 4 years ago, after adding new round arch halls for slaughter pigs, Thorben decided to try out a washing robot to see if it could optimize this aspect of their operations.

After testing the robot, it became evident that it was of great assistance and significantly optimized their work time, making the washing task much more manageable. Instead of spending up to 7 hours washing a barn, they could now get it done in just 1.5 hours. The washing routine now follows a pattern where after thorough soaking, they initiate the robot in the evening, letting it run through the night so that the barn is ready the next morning for a final soap and rinse.

Reducing the time from 6-7 hours to 1.5 hours has resulted in indispensable savings, allowing them more time to address the numerous other tasks always present on the farm.

Focus on Workplace Environment

Workplace environment is crucial for Thorben, as he values the well-being of his young employees, aiming for their longevity and quality of work life. As he describes, the previous manual washing process was incredibly tiresome and strenuous, with workers enduring a damp and dusty environment all day long. These challenges have largely been alleviated with the addition of the washing robot. Thorben himself experienced the toll of using a high-pressure washer for hours, previously having shoulder issues, which he no longer feels.

The only thing we regret is not purchasing the washing robot many years earlier
Thorben Agger, landmand ved Lemvig.

Finisher barn in the middle of a wash
Washing unit with ceiling add-on, where wash of ceiling can be added to the program
Wash robot in the middle of cleaning a pig pen

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