RBPI Group is now cleaning with the help of 20 washing robots from Washpower.

With 5 large pig farms, over 1000 employees and production of almost 1 million slaughter pigs a year, it is a big investment for RBPI Group to service the farms and employees with washing robots to help wash down the stables. Based on two years of testing and demonstrations with the help of Washpower, RBPI Group has now purchased their twentieth washing robot.

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RBPI Group started with 1 robot

Robot technology comes inherently with some skepticism – especially when dealing with cleaning a pigsty. Can technology do the dirty work without breaking down? Is it hard to make it work in exactly this stable? And how effective is it actually at washing?

They also had those concerns at RBPI Group. Therefore, when they went looking for a solid and efficient washing robots to handle the hard work, they knew that they wouldn´t invest in the whole package all at once. They had to test the washing robot from Washpower in Denmark and see with their own eyes how it worked and therefore initially only bought a single robot.

Dmitry Torianyk, at RBPI Group, explains about the test purchase:

“First of all, we did not really believe that the robots could wash efficiently at our pig pens. And we were also sure that it would be difficult to configure the robots to suit us. That is why we initially only bought a single robot “, explains Dmitry Torianyk.

Robots without fine technology

Concerns about the technology and unreliable washing robots has fortunately been put to shame at RBPI Group. Robots from Washpower are robust and in a simple design adapted to the rough washing work within the farms.

“We were surprised as to how easy it was to use – even for the employees who had not seen the robot before. It ran completely reliably, with no fluctuations in washing efficiency, and it washes just as well as we were promised, ” says Dmitry Torianyk.

Getting started using the washing robot was also completely hassle free.

“We got the help needed in setting it up for the first time, and since then it has run without any problems. We only needed service once after a two years period, and that where only some small parts that had to be replaced, otherwise it runs flawlessly “, says Dmitry Torianyk.

The hardworking and quiet friend

For RBPI Group, it is not only the resources saved that matter. The employees have also embraced the robots.

“Employees call the robots their ‘hard-working quiet friends.’ They are really happy having their mechanical assistants. Their work have become much easier and alot  faster ”, Dmitry continues, referring to the fact that the employees now only have to do 20% of the washing work after the robot has been running.

Today, 20 washing robots from Washpower are cleaning the pig stables at RBPI Group. They have been tested by the employees, the washing results have been evaluated and the robots have been shown to stand the test of time. And last but not least,  the collaboration with Washpower has so far only been positive.

“We’re really happy with Washpower’s customer service – they’re always happy to help. whatever our needs are. When the robot had to be reprogrammed to Russian, I wrote an email and the same day I had a specialist on the phone from Denmark, who helped me”, says Dmitry Torianyk.

Future service needs

The ongoing service is exactly what Washpower has a strong focus on. There is fully implemented online support via phone, email and all common platforms such as Viber and Whatsapp. Washpower is on its way with an Academy platform where global customers and retailers can get training in the products, as well as instructional videos and other online material available.

Spare parts kits are also under development, and Washpower has most components in stock so that they can be shipped from day to day. Most importantly, though, the robots are so easy to service that customers can do most of the work themselves.

Do you want to know more about our washing robots or want to know about how RBPI went from 0 to 20 washing robots in such short time? Contact Alexander Shurmelov for further information. 

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