The Pig Facts concept is developed by the Danish Pig Academy and the Danish Agriculture & Food counsel.

The concept is based upon short films related to the most current topics in modern pig production from the perspective of the danish agro industry.

The Pig Facts concept aims to deliver information directly from professionals who know the farmers needs and develops products  specifically for the agro industry both in Denmark and abroad.

Washpower has for several years manufactured a user-friendly, robust and technical solutions for cleaning both pig and poulty production facilities. Our focus is on securing a healthier working environment, better hygiene and a more profitable economy in all our customers operations.

With solid materials and a thought out design, Washpower offers uncomplicated washing solutions with the finish and technology that the modern agro industry demands.

ProCleaner X100

Powerful, flexible and reliable 

We dont hesitate to call ProCleaner X100 the ultimate washing robot. ProCleaner X100 has been developed and tested over a 5-year period and is described by our customers as

 “…an effective and reliable help in our everyday work.”

ProCleaner X100 is a powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot for cleaning the vast majority of pig houses.The machine is simple in its construction, yet functions as an effective and high-tech washing robot that can handle even the largest of jobs.